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Three Hidden Ways to Save at Target


Now that people are out and about after such a long program of lockdowns and social distancing, a little spin through the local Target (including the odd impulse buy or three) might be exactly the type of distraction you’re looking for. But if sticking to a budget and saving wherever possible outweighs the importance of a more impromptu retail therapy session, we have some slick ways to hit the bullseye. 


Shopping on is a pretty easy way to keep unexpected purchases clear of your cart. One of the biggest advantages to browsing Target from your computer or tablet is the simplicity of getting automatic discounts with a browser extension. Capital One Shopping, Honey, and Rakuten — just to name a few — are free extensions that automatically present savings opportunities based on the items you select while shopping online. If you think of these tools as the first ring of savings around the ultimate target you’re trying to hit, you can relax knowing that you’re not missing out on a better price because of an undiscovered coupon or promotional code.


And that’s the perfect segue to discuss one of our favorite Target policies: price matching. Since a browser extension can only give you information about available deals and comparisons, there’s no way for them to guarantee that a competitor won’t offer a better deal after you’ve already made your purchase. At Target, you have two weeks, a full 14 days after you buy, to present a better deal from competitor’s ad and then ask for a price match. The pool of online competitors you have to choose from for this strategy is massive. Here’s the A-to-Z, or in this case, the A-to-W. ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙


Our last tip for hitting the target for big savings is a real gift — gift cards, to be exact. There are two ways you can take advantage of gift cards at Target. The first is by being conscious of category thresholds. For example, let’s say you plan on buying a bunch of sunscreen to hit the beach this summer. At the time of this article’s publication, simply buying $25 worth of sun care products would earn you a free $5 gift card. 


The other trick for cashing in on gift card savings is by buying the cards themselves. On occasion, Target will offer the holy grail of gift card deals… the ability to buy Target gift cards at significant sale prices — in some cases, 20% off. If you’re a regular Target shopper or looking to stock up on birthday or holiday presents, this is an easy way to get lots more bang for your buck. And while you’re at it, why not get one for yourself? You know, for the savings!